Baltazar Ushka, El tiempo congelado / Baltazar Ushka, The Last Ice Man

Saturday, Feb. 26th, 8pm

Auditorium, King Juan Carlos Center (map)

NY Premiere

Directed by Igor Guayasamín & José Antonio Guayasamín

Ecuador, 2008

Documentary, 22 min.

No dialogue or voice-commentary.


“A documentary where time freezes.”

On one of the world’s highest volcanoes, Chimborazo (~20,500 feet high), Baltazar Ushka has been working for more than thirty years. He chops huge blocks of ice to sell at the Indian market in Guaranda, where the ice will be used to cool fruit juice. This documentary travels through time in a circular way, creating a life portrait of the last hielero (ice man) of Chimborazo. The film uses footage from the documentary Los hieleros de Chimborazo (The Ice Men of Chimborazo) shot by Gustavo and Igor Guayasamín in the late 1970’s.


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