El vuelco del cangrejo / Crab Trap

Friday, Feb. 25th, 6pm

13-19 University Place, Room 102  (map)

Directed by Oscar Ruíz Navia

Colombia, 2009

Drama, 95 min.

Spanish with English subtitles

*Presented by Felipe Martínez Pinzón, PhD Candidate, NYU Dept. of Spanish & Portuguese




At La Barra, an isolated village on the Pacific Coast of Colombia, Cerebro (Brain), leader of the native Afro-Colombian community, is at odds with the white man, a landowner who wants to build a hotel on the beach. Daniel, a strange, urban guy, arrives to the village looking for a motorboat to leave the country. Only three penniless locals, a girl and two teenagers, are willing to help Daniel. However, finding a boat will take longer than he expects. At La Barra, an odd shortage of fish has sent fishermen and their boats far away to sea. Day after day, the white man increases his attack on Cerebro by installing two enormous speakers on the beach, disrupting the natural stillness of the village. One day, Cerebro’s patience finally runs out. 


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