Esta cajita que toco tiene boca y sabe hablar / This Box that I Play has a Mouth and Knows How to Speak

MondayFeb. 28th, 8pm

13-19 University Place, Room 102  (map)

US Premiere

Directed by Lorena García

Argentina, 2009

Documentary, 61 min.

Spanish with English subtitles

Traces of journeys made by women from different regions of Argentina through the land of the coplas (folksongs) played with the caja (percussion instrument). A shepherdess in a northern town of the country is getting old and senses that she has started to forget the coplas that she’s known for years. A young singer from Buenos Aires travels to meet her. Together they go to another town for the Encuentro de Copleras (gathering of copla singers), where men and women come together to share their coplas, expressing their ideas and feelings about life. In this gathering of voices, the expression of the coplas—a poetic and musical oral art form—is a manifestation of resistance against oblivion.


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