Mal día para pescar / Bad Day to go Fishing

TuesdayMar. 1st, 7pm

13-19 University Place, Room 102  (map)


Directed by Álvaro Brechner

Uruguay / Spain, 2009

Drama – Comedy, 104 min.

Spanish with English subtitles /


Jacob van Oppen – formerly “the strongest man on earth,” now a washed-up alcoholic, and his crafty manager, Orsini, make good money staging bogus wrestling matches in small South American towns. When this oddball duo arrives in the unassuming village of Santa Maria, business really takes off: the local newspaper sponsors the fight, and the quiet hamlet becomes plastered with posters announcing an open challenge to a worthy adversary. The ever resourceful Orsini is sure he can find the right opponent to throw the fight, but fishing in Santa Maria yields a bigger catch than he’d hoped for.

Based on the story “Jacob y el otro” [Jacob and the Other] by Juan Carlos Onetti.


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